Following their detailed survey on the Pro AV Labor and Distributor market, Commercial Integrator invited Herman Pro AV co-CEO, Jeffrey Wolf to appear as a guest on their “3 Questions” video interview series to dig a little deeper into the role of a distributor, and the advantages a distributor offers to the integrator.

One of the key benefits, as exlplained by Wolf, is consolidation, which translates directly into greater efficiency for the integrator. He explains that when a job requires procuring products from 20 different manufacturers that also means 20 purchase orders, 20 receipts, 20 shipments, etc. Working with a distributor streamlines that process when all 20 items can be procured from a single source with a single order. This provides cost savings and a much better experience for the customer.

Jeffrey also stressed how Herman is able to match manufacturer direct pricing, and compensate reps, so integrators maintain their pricing and relationships. As logistics experts, Herman also provides integrator partners with automated daily reporting as an additional benefit. He notes that Herman is the leading AV labor subcontractor, with a nationwide team of highly skilled technicians, making Herman one of the few distributors to offer both product procurement and labor services.

All this makes Herman Pro AV the ideal partner to empower integrators to achieve more.

You can watch the interview below and read the accompanying article at Commercial Integrator.