If you’re a commercial AV integrator, you’ve likely handled many installations at offices and venues that are getting ready to host holiday parties. Gearing up for Winter, we’ve put our “Holiday Hats” on and come up with some best practices every company party planner should think about to ensure they take full advantage of the AV systems installed at their party venue. After all, as we in the AV industry know better than anyone, great audio and visuals, seamlessly integrated, can turn a good event into a spectacular event. 

Feel free to customize these suggestions and share with your venue clients so they can share it with their Holiday Party hosts.


As AV Integrators, we know that the technology required to throw a great party is constantly evolving—this means the stakes, and opportunity, to throw a great corporate holiday party is evolving too. While our top recommendation is to always tour a venue in person, calling to verify certain AV minimums is a practical way to narrow down the field of potential party venues. 

To ensure the site meets your Audio/Visual needs, first, compile a list of all the planned activities that may require AV support. Think about the opportunity, not only to acknowledge employee performance but to divert the energy toward celebration and away from the idea of work! 

Basic A/V Requirements May Include:

  • Announcements by Management
  • Employee Recognition
  • Music & Video Presentations
  • Employee Reel
  • Thank You to Sponsor(s)
  • Recognitions received throughout the year

Round out your list of “must have’s” and run it by the management team of each venue. Screening each potential venue to make sure they can provide basic AV integration will save you time and money in the long run—it will also help open up the conversation about any specialty AV services they may offer. 

Let There Be Music! A custom party playlist is key to ensuring the right energy at your event. Make sure you know how the venue’s sound system works and how you can play your music throughout the entire space. Do you need a USB stick of mp3’s? Can you stream directly from Spotify or Pandora? Where and how is the volume managed? Best to avoid any unplanned silences!

Don’t Drop the Mic! But do prepare for a time when speeches reign in the party. If someone is going to give a short speech or make a toast, make sure that the venue’s AV system has a working microphone and that someone will be there to turn down the music when it’s time for the announcement. And as excited as your speaker may be for the holidays, we advise a firm “do not drop the mic” rule.


With so many holiday parties taking place, the holiday season tends to feel like the grand finale of a year-long fireworks display for the AV Industry—we literally “set the stage” for the big show. But to really ensure your party “pops,” try thinking of show-stopping ways to use AV to build an atmosphere of celebration, one that hones in on the essential value of your company and what the brand embodies. Ask yourself, “what other opportunities does AV present at your holiday party?”

Does your venue have an extra room that you’re not sure what to do with? Set it up for some Karaoke and encourage the team to strut their stuff. And don’t forget the 2nd microphone for duets!

Do TV’s drape every wall of the venue? As people are naturally drawn to look at screens, this is a great opportunity to share your brand content. Consider editing a short “Holiday reel” of company videos, as well as applying holiday themed logos, and featuring images of products and people. The reel can play on a repeat loop, but make sure you know how to serve it up on the venue screens—you may need to connect a laptop or provide the video file in advance? If so, what format does the video file need to be in? If video is not an option, at the very least, go with a holiday image your company logo, or take this opportunity to project to have a little fun with the company logo and feature it in the most prestigious areas of the world: Time Square, Air Force One, or the surface of the moon. The point here is to have fun with it, but make sure your ideas translate to the AV requirements of the venue ahead of time and plan accordingly. 


For most of the year, venues play host to events like birthday parties and fundraisers, but when December and January roll around, it’s all about spending time indoors with plenty of Holiday Cheer! The best-equipped venues tend to get booked well in advance! So don’t get put on the naughty list because you forgot to call ahead to book your holiday party venue!


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