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Ask Hermie: Displays the Thing!

Hermie is the consummate AV Professional, having lurked behind the scenes at Herman Pro AV and Herman Integration Services for years. When it comes to the professional audiovisual business, Hermie walks the walk and talks the talk. In fact, he doesn’t just talk about AV stuff until he’s blue in the face, he’s done it so much he’s blue all over! So, if you have a burning AV question, just “Ask Hermie!”

Dear Hermie:

I run a mid-size local theater and we’re getting ready to open up for live shows again. Yay! But due to social distancing, we’re gonna have people spread out all over the auditorium now, all the way to the back row. I know Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage” but my stage is pretty darn small. What can I do to make sure everyone can see and hear and have a great live theater experience again? Help me Hermie!

  • Signed, StageFright in Oklahoma

Dear StageFright,

Ahh, The Bard… I am so happy you brought up my fav playwright, especially since Shakespeare has the answer to your question! As the young Prince declared in Shakespeare’s classic play, HERMLET, “… Displays the thing!” That is your answer, displays! Why force your theatergoers to squint to see your distant little stage when you can bring the stage to them and make every seat in the house feel like the front row! Strategically placed hi-definition flat panel displays can turn a small stage into a big, real-life, performance! And guess what? You can now order high-quality display screens and projectors direct from Herman*…from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Sharp, LG, BenQ, and more. “To see, or not to see…” If that is the question, the answer is DISPLAYS!

  • Hermie

*Full Disclosure – Hermie is on Herman’s payroll as an official spokescreature so he does have an incentive to recommend Herman.


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