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Ask Hermie: Home Work Help!

Hermie is the consummate AV Professional, having lurked behind the scenes at Herman Pro AV and Herman Integration Services for years. When it comes to the professional audiovisual business, Hermie walks the walk and talks the talk. In fact, he doesn’t just talk about AV stuff until he’s blue in the face, he’s done it so much he’s blue all over! So, if you have a burning AV question, just “Ask Hermie!”

Dear Hermie,

Hi Hermie! I’m a sales rep for a midsize Midwest company. In past years I’ve been on the road most of the time, so popping by the office for a few days in-between trips was the norm. Then last year the norm was doing everything from home and visiting my clients virtually via Zoom or Teams. Now my office is open, but traveling is still off the table – most of my clients and prospects are still happy meeting online. I am trying to convince my boss that I should still work from home a few days a week but she says since we’re doing everything via teleconference we need to use the higher quality office conference set ups. She even hired an AV Company to come in and upgrade all our conference and huddle rooms.

Hermie, I agree that Zooming with my laptop camera is getting old (and probably making me look old) but I also like working from home, and even feel I am more productive here without the distractions of co-workers. Hermie, what’s a homebody to do? Asking for a friend… well, really, asking for me? Lol.


Salesy Sheila in Sheboygan

Dear Salesy Sheila,

I’ve got two words for you: HYBRID OFFICE! Hopefully, your boss will realize what many business owners are quickly coming to terms with – the office of the future is a hybrid one (and the future is now!) You’re not alone in wanting to mix up your time in the office with a few days working from home. Truth be told, you can call me Hybrid Hermie as I’ve been spending two days a week in the office and three days a week working from Chez Hermie. But, I’ve got an AV setup at home that’s comparable to our office conf rooms. The good news is that you can have great quality at home too!

I’m glad to hear that your boss is already working with professional systems integrators to update your office conference and huddle rooms with the latest and greatest tech. Nothing makes a virtual meeting better than pro-quality sound and video, and the new AI-powered hi-def cameras and noise-canceling mics are the closest things to meeting in person. The good news is that all that tech is not just limited to office installations. Many of the same conferencing camera and microphone manufacturers you’re installing in the office offer home and portable versions of their pro-quality equipment. Tell your boss to just ask the AV Pros she’s working with and they can provide compatible hardware so you and your co-workers can enjoy the hybrid life and still connect with customers like pros! Tell your boss if it’s good enough for Hybrid Hermie, it’s good enough for you!

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