Ask Hermie

Ask Hermie: I’m Wired to Wire, what can I do?

Hermie is the consummate AV Professional, having lurked behind the scenes at Herman Pro AV and Herman Integration Services for years. When it comes to the professional audiovisual business, Hermie walks the walk and talks the talk. In fact, he doesn’t just talk about AV stuff until he’s blue in the face, he’s done it so much he’s blue all over! So, if you have a burning AV question, just “Ask Hermie!”


Dear Hermie. As an AV professional you’d think I’d be fine staying at home and futzing around with my screens, computers, stereos, etc. But I have to be honest, I am going stir crazy. I’ve already re-wired my entire house… twice! I am secretly wishing my cat would chew through the Cat5 cable so I can run it again! I’m running Zoom meetings on a 55″ screen with 3D surround sound speakers and using broadcast quality Sennheiser Microphones. I am sure my neighbors would be jealous of my incredible setup… if they were only allowed to come over to my house. Help me Hermie! What’s a bored AV tech to do? – Signed, Stalled Installer in Illinois.


Dear Stalled,

I hear you loud and clear (thanks to those Sennheiser mics!) Even Hermie doesn’t love living like a hermit, but we’re all in this together. Even though I am considered the consummate AV professional, I’ve been using this time at Chez Hermie to beef up – and I don’t just mean my blue biceps! I’ve been beefing up my skills and adding some new certifications so I’ll be ready to rock when things start rolling again! My buds at Herman have even put together a helpful list of online trainings and certifications that are being offered now. Check them out.

So, while we’re all at home and following social distancing, it may be the perfect time to try out some distance learning. You can get un-stalled by installing some new skills! I look forward to showing off my new chops soon. How about you?

Do you have a question for Hermie? Email and he may answer your question here in a future column.

As we take all necessary steps to keep our employees safe and serve our customers and partners, everyone at Herman hopes you and your families are remaining safe and healthy. We’re here to help in any way we can. The AV industry is at the heart of keeping our businesses and communities connected, and Herman is committed to do our part.