Ask Hermie

Ask Hermie: Location, Location, Location?

Hermie is the consummate AV Professional, having lurked behind the scenes at Herman Pro AV and Herman Integration Services for years. When it comes to the professional audiovisual business, Hermie walks the walk and talks the talk. In fact, he doesn’t just talk about AV stuff until he’s blue in the face, he’s done it so much he’s blue all over! So, if you have a burning AV question, just “Ask Hermie!”

Dear Hermie,

I understand that Herman has AV Installation and Integration Professionals all over the US. I would imagine being the keen keeper of quality control that I know you are, you’ve traveled to several of the worksites and inspected the work of your top-notch installers. And no doubt you probably visited some touristy sites as well. Do you have any favorite job sites you’ve visited and what are some of your favorite touristy side-trips?

Living vicariously since COVID has me locked down.

Signed, Not On The Road Again…

Dear Not on the Road,

You’ve clearly done your Herman homework! Yes, Herman Integration Services has skilled labor at your service in more than 20 core US markets. And you’re also right about me. This Hermie is no hermit and I’ve personally visited every one of our cities. From Miami to San Francisco, from Boston to San Diego, I’ve seen it all. And now that we’re traveling less, it’s even more important than ever that Herman is ready to serve your subcontracting labor needs wherever your jobs are located.

As for my favorite places to go? Just take a look at me and you can bet I’m partial to anywhere along the… BLUE Ridge Mountains! They are truly BLUEtiful!

Do you have a question for Hermie? Email and he may answer your question here in a future column.