Ask Hermie

Ask Hermie: We’ll Take Manhattan!

Hermie is the consummate AV Professional, having lurked behind the scenes at Herman Pro AV and Herman Integration Services for years. When it comes to the professional audiovisual business, Hermie walks the walk and talks the talk. In fact, he doesn’t just talk about AV stuff until he’s blue in the face, he’s done it so much he’s blue all over! So, if you have a burning AV question, just “Ask Hermie!”

Dear Hermie,

I have used your Herman Integration Services team on projects before with great success. One of my best customers is opening an office in Manhattan (New York City) and we need to install the AV for that office. We’re a deep-South AV company and all we know is that it can be a challenge to work in NYC and Union labor is often a requirement. Do you have any advice?


Curious George in Georgia

Dear Curious,

Hermie understands that the idea of working in NYC can be overwhelming, but Herman can help you make AV work in the Big Apple – big easy!

Herman has a Union division in New York City that can provide CWA labor and more! In fact, if you’ve got client work in the City that never sleeps, Herman can provide turnkey services – we never sleep either!

We have project staging and delivery services that can be critical to a successful job.  Our drivers are experienced in getting around the city and delivering products into the buildings.  Delivery in Manhattan can be a challenge.  Our warehouse is located in Brooklyn which allows Herman to rack up a successful job with our in-house rack fabrication. You can have products sent directly to the warehouse and Herman will take care of the rest.

They say if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere, and Herman is here to help you take on New York City like a boss!

So? Whaddya waiting for? Contact your Herman rep, and tell ’em Hermie sent you!

Do you have a question for Hermie? Email and he may answer your question here in a future column.