Most Loved Tech

AV Pro’s Most Loved Tech For Offices in 2020

Few people know what the best tech for the office is better than the AV Professionals who install it! And since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, we decided to ask around to see what AV gadgets some of Herman’s employees love most this February. These top picks may not bring you true love, but they’re sure to improve your office’s communication, streamline productivity, and boost morale!

Love Sounds

Setting the mood for the workday with music helps ensure the team feels a sense of unity, even as they work on their separate projects. A well-designed sound system keeps the volume low, but the good vibes high!

“I love audio! I need to have speakers because a silent office or no way of playing/distributing music throughout the office is boring. Music in an office can change the vibe with the right beats and music!”

Peter’s AV Pro Favorites:

Peter Melvin

Vice President of Sales

Looks That Skill 

The option to “digitally commute” is growing increasingly important these days, especially when your project stakeholders spread across several offices and job sites. The ability to video conference eliminates the back and forth of emails, and allows you to achieve more by giving you the power to put everyone you need to “in a room together.” 

AV Pro Favorites:

  • Air Media for connecting your computer wirelessly to the big screen in your office
  • LCD wall to unify distributed teams during project discussions
  • Chief LTMU Series TV Mount. Flexible, reliable, easy to install, and still perfectly good when you have to come back in 10 years to replace the TV
  • Interactive Flat Panel that allows teams to share more creatively and brainstorm ideas 

Networking Nicely

Often, the key to beginning a successful relationship is having a strong network to lean on. A front runner for favorite office network is the Cisco Spark System. According to Herman IS installation teams, the majority of times the Cisco Spark is as easy an install as you can get. From setup to programming, this user-friendly system is especially easy to navigate and well worth integrating with the Touch 10 Pad.

A Strong Connection

Our AV installers also love BNC Connectors for their “relationship” durability. They’re easy to put on, inexpensive and you’ll never have to worry about crossed wires or cheap connectors. BNC connectors can take a ton of abuse without failing, and best of all, they LOCK in place so they won’t fall out whenever the wind blows.

Isn’t that what we all want from a relationship anyway?

Better Than Chocolate 

These are just a few of the Pro AV products that get some love from the AV professionals we talked with. Quality AV products, professionally installed, just may be the gift that keeps on giving, turning offices, schools, and other venues into high-tech places to love. And at Herman, we make ordering products, labor, and programming skills easy, efficient, and cost-effective…and that’s definitely something to love.


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