At Herman Pro AV, our mission is to empower integrators to achieve more. In our world, you—the commercial integrator—are the star of the show. Our goal is to do everything we can to make you a hero: a hero to your customers, a hero to your co-workers, and a hero to your family and friends. This article is the first in a series focusing on AV industry superpowers, the superpowers that will help you achieve more (and Hero status!)

Order Consolidation

AV Superpower: The Magic of Order Consolidation

When it comes to shopping online, the world has changed. Instead of cherry-picking items from multiple vendors, paying each one separately, and waiting for a daily stream of packages to arrive, the modern-day online shopper is primed for a much more streamlined experience. Imagine ordering supplies for a kid’s birthday party. Today we can go to one online superstore and in one fell swoop order just about everything but the cake. Invitations, decorations, gift bags, plates, tablecloths, pinatas, balloons – everything you need for your event, from a variety of manufacturers, all in one order, and received in one delivery. It’s a super experience.

Such a great experience should not be limited to party planners and consumers shopping online – and the good news is that it isn’t! The enviable ability to order products from a variety of manufacturers from a single source is a superpower that is readily available to commercial AV integrators when they partner with a leading distributor such as Herman Pro AV.

Why is Order Consolidation a Superpower?

It empowers you to be:

Faster than processing multiple purchase orders for a single job.

More powerful than risking slowdowns or delays because not every needed component arrived at the job site on time.

Able to leap ahead of the competition by spending less time on procurement and logistics and more time on your customers and growing your business.

 According to Commercial Integrator, “Integrators are in charge of procuring multiple products from disparate manufacturers and ensuring that they arrive to the job site on time and as ordered.” Order consolidation is like waving a magic wand to simplify and streamline the procurement process. It’s a superpower that can turn any integrator into an AV Hero!

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