CARES Act 2020 vs. CRSSA 2021 vs. ARPA 2021: What’s Different and What Does it Mean for You and Your Partners?

In CARES Act 1.0, the Department of Education authorized $30B toward an Education Stabilization Fund. CRRSA 2021 (CARES Act 2.0) has expanded the funding for educational institutions with an additional $81.88B stimulus. But wait, there’s more! ARPA 2021 just passed in March adding another $170B (over multiple-years) to the mix! We’ll explore what all of that means to you and your partners (the schools) and review the details, nuances, and guidelines. With the unconventional year that education institutions have faced, you can be the partner that guides them not only in regards to total funding availability but also how they can maintain the most vital interactions—connecting teachers and students from anywhere—with trending AV technology and solutions.
Presenter: Kaylee Luke, Legrand Territory Sales Manager