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Systems Integrators See Huge Growth in eSports LED Wall Installations

At the 2019 South By Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas, the Overwatch League (OWL), made a remarkable announcement: “In 2020, all teams will be returning to their home markets, and all matches will be played in one of the 19 cities around the world.” If that sounds like just another announcement from a sports league to you, then you need to consider the following: 

The Overwatch League is an ESports video game, “gaming” league, i.e. where teams compete in digital arenas that feature the day’s most popular video games in the most high end technological setting possible

And similar to more traditional sports leagues, like the NBA or NFL, these competitions attract huge stadium audiences and are broadcast on network giants like ESPN and ABC.

The fact is, ESports arenas are popping up all around the world and the United States has an opportunity to become a key player in the enfranchisement of this exciting new realm. But the advancement of this enterprise is not focused solely on for-profit leagues like the OWL. Today, we are seeing public schools all around America beginning to broaden their curriculums to include eSports activities that will be played in state of the art arenas just like the “pros.” And most of these arenas have yet to be built—welcome to the future of eSports gaming.

Laying the cable and connectivity infrastructure for a robust LED wall installation not only requires investment, but brand-specific expertise as well. Herman Integration Services specializes in LED Wall Installation and Digital Signage. Our in-house technical team subcontracts throughout the United States with Audio Visual installation of Products in the Educational, Business, Healthcare, Financial and Government markets, while maintaining updated training and system integration requirements for top brands such as Absen, Barco, Planar, and Samsung 

If you are a System Integrator looking for a chance to grow your business by expanding into LED Video Wall Installation, Herman Integration Services allows you to bid confidently and know you will find subcontractors to provide national, on-site work with the quickest turnaround possible.

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