Hall Research VERSA 4K Sender

The VERSA-4K can extend and switch multiple 4K HDMI video and USB data to virtually an unlimited number of receivers on a simple Gigabit network. The VERSA-4K is perfect for applications such as: Interactive digital signage, KVM extension, virtual matrix switching, USB over LAN extension.

The VERSA 4K Sender units accept HDMI resolutions of 4K, 60 Hz 4:4:4 with HDCP 2.2 and includes an HDMI video loop output.

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Hall Research VERSA 4K Receiver

The Versa 4K Receiver units include an extracted HDMI audio output and a scaled video output with maximum resolutions of 4K, 30 Hz 4:4:4.

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Hall Research FHD 264 LAN Sender

The FHD264 Sender units can extend and switch multiple HDMI sources over a simple Gigabit network. Up to 64 Full-HD video signals can be routed to hundreds of receivers and displays via a virtual video matrix.

Hall Research_FHD264_S
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Hall Research_FHD264_Receiver

Hall Research FHD264 Receiver

  • Works on affordable 1Gig network infrastructure
  • Front panel LCD for configuration of IP parameters, and status indication
  • Receivers offer Fail-Safe automatic video routing and redundancy
  • Perfect for digital signage applications

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Hall Research 4K USB 3.0/3.1 Gen 1 Javelin™ Active Optical Plenum Cable

The CUSB3-AP cables are the latest additions to the Javelin™ family of active optical video and USB cables. They are plenum rated and extend USB 3.0 signals without any power supplies for 50m.

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Neutrik powerCON

Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1 TOP 

Neutrik offers a new line of TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION (TOP) products for demanding outdoor applications. This new range includes the popular powerCON TRUE1, etherCON and XLR series. These ruggedized sealed connectors feature IP65 rating as well as certified outdoor protection to UL 50E like UV resistance.

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Hall Research and Neutrik are two of the more than 60 quality manufacturers whose products are offered by Herman ProAV. Herman empowers integrators to achieve more by providing a streamlined and cost-effective procurement process. Click here to learn more.