FLEXAbility – an easier way to manage your AV service agreements

Using service to drive re-occurring revenue is a no-brainer.  It helps build brand loyalty, drive more stable revenue, and much more.  However, getting started is not always that easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and this wouldn’t be the discussion at every AV conference and event. The real challenge is how to provide service efficiently and effectively.

This is where Herman empowers the commercial integrator to achieve more.  With skilled labor resources in 18 core markets, Herman can expand an Integrator’s resources and enable them to service local, regional, and national customers.  With Flex Hours Herman provides a better way to manage service needs across multiple customers and job sites. Herman offers Flex Hours in pre-paid bundles of 100, 250, and 500 for break/fix, system health checks, and meeting support.

The process of offering service gets even easier when you use the new Herman Flex portal, included with any Flex Hours package. The online portal gives the Integrator detailed information on the number of services hours available, when the technician is deployed, and when the job is completed. That’s “FlexAbility”! Herman’s Flex Hours + Flex Portal is the best way to manage service hours, nationwide, and across all an integrator’s customers. Save time, money, and gain maximum efficiency – no need for multiple POs and invoices – just put your service hours to work with complete “FlexAbility.”

Sign-up today for just 50 FLEX hours of AV services with Herman and experience an easier way to manage your service offerings.  Available for first-time FLEX plan purchasers.

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* Introductory offer is for first-time Flex Plan users only.  FLEX plans are available on systems that we install or on AV systems you take under contract.