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Getting Back to Business with Herman Integration Services

Getting back to business is what we all want. While things may feel uncertain, it is time to prepare for what happens as businesses begin to reopen and work comes back.  However, it is important to consider that your previous business model may not be what is best for your business in the new environment we are currently confronting.

Many businesses will be faced with the challenges they had when starting out and that challenge is how to grow your company effectively and profitably again.  Scaling your workforce to fit your business needs will be a strategic advantage.

Having a flexible workforce at your fingertips makes scaling a lot easier.  When you subcontract your labor services, you can do it better, faster, more cost-effectively or more efficiently, especially when you consider the investment in time and money locating qualified technicians, adding headcount that may not be supported by the unpredictability of sales, and providing the breadth of skill sets needed for projects.

With Herman’s team of skilled technicians, we can get you up and running quickly as you sort through the decisions of job scheduling, skills assessment, and the proper staffing levels.  Our team brings a variety of skills to the table to meet your needs.  In addition, we have technicians in our 20 core markets to help you service those customers that you may struggle to service if you recently scaled down your team.

Herman empowers Pro AV integrators to achieve more by relying on Herman for trained, experienced labor personnel.  Our Integrator partners leverage Herman’s industry experience and expertise to improve efficiencies and achieve time and cost savings related to the management of labor resources.

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As we take all necessary steps to keep our employees safe and serve our customers and partners, everyone at Herman hopes you and your families are remaining safe and healthy. We’re here for you in any way we can. The AV industry is at the heart of keeping our businesses and communities connected, and Herman is committed to do our part.