Spooky AV Wiring


Every System Integrator has the same recurring dream:

Wiring, coming in from every direction—through the data cabinet, across overloaded rack rails—and there isn’t enough time, enough power, enough zip ties to fight back the horror and get the job done! 

But then you wake up in a cold sweat, thankful it was only a dream and not the actual job site. Yet, nightmares like this happen every day in data centers across the United States. In honor of Halloween, we reached out to some of our in-house technicians to share their “tricks” on how to avoid a wiring nightmare. 


Our first trick appropriately focuses on “Wall Warts,” or those bulky AC Power adapters that hog all the space on power outlets. Our Regional Supervisor & Field Engineer from Roswell, Georgia, Scott S, suggests carrying an extra supply of Short Power Extenders to free up space in tight cabinets to overcome the bulky nature of most warts: “A simple 4-6 inch extension will allow you to work cleanly and keep moving without having to slow down.”


Knowing what is on the outside of the wrapper is essential to your willingness to take a bite! Herman Integration Services’ technicians over-emphasize the labeling of wires because you can’t really label too much. Our labeling approach extends to anywhere you can use a color-coded zip tie, but we are particularly obsessive about labeling every signal wire, power chord and piece of AV equipment onsite. Wouldn’t want a bad apple to slip into our loot!


Using zip ties is the preferred method of wire bundling and organization for most AV Installations. It’s such an easy step, but often the one most overlooked. Herman-IS uses simple organization techniques to avoid the “rats nest” that you find in many haphazard job sites and cabinets out there. The key is to use as many zip ties as necessary to evenly distribute the burden of weight—this allows you to avoid “choking the life” out of the wiring, which is a definite “no-no.” Velcro ties work in many instances but lack the reliable efficiency and speed of zip ties.


Do you live in a neighborhood where one neighbor really likes to get into Halloween decorations—we mean, like REALLY get into it? A common issue that these festive homeowners face when running the local “Haunted House” is getting enough power to their smoke machine, inflatable Frankenstein’s monster and strobe light. Well, the same is true for AV installation and nothing is scarier when you are on-site and realize you don’t have enough power outlets required to match the power needs of your devices. To avoid a “haunted house” disaster, always remember to count the number of devices and power outlets you have prior to beginning work.  

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