The AV Cart Grows Up

From the very first AV Cart, with dangling cables and wobbly wheels, Audio Visual aids have always been an integral part of the education process and a fixture in schools and universities. But we’ve come a long way from wheeling the shared overhead projector down the corridors from classroom to classroom.


As with virtually every business vertical, advances in technology have substantially impacted the way we teach and the way we learn, at every level from K-12 to advanced degrees. While the introduction of computers, laptops, and tablets have played a significant role, the Pro AV Industry remains at the forefront of integrating the latest and greatest technologies into the education sector. From touchscreen, interactive displays to campus-wide fiber optic networks the depth and complexity of Pro AV installations at schools and universities can rival those of any vertical.


The Age of Digital Nomads


Today’s students have been weaned on digital devices. When it comes to their school experience, they expect the same level of connection, communication, and interactivity that they enjoy in their homes and at play. More importantly, the integration of technology in schools has a significant positive impact on the learning experience. According to AVIXA’s Market Opportunity Analysis Report (MOAR) on Higher Education released earlier this year, nearly 40 percent of students stated that professional audiovisual technologies increase their engagement in the classroom.


Just as Pro AV installations have had a positive impact on education, the education market has had a positive impact on the Pro AV industry. According to the same AVIXA MOAR, 83 percent of AV integration firms work in education, and that work is responsible for nearly a quarter (23 percent) of their annual revenues.


AV and the Three R’s


Highlighting some of the best school and university AV installations, Commercial Integrator dedicates two of its CI Integration Awards to the education market, with an award for the K-12 Category and the Higher Education category (this year’s winners were both Herman partners). With professionally installed integrated technology, the concept of a connected classroom is here to stay. Students of all ages can reap the benefits of the access and engagement the right audiovisual aids can encourage. The three “R’s” – Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic – can benefit from two more letters: AV!


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If you’re a Pro AV Integrator serving the Education market, Herman has the products you need, from over 60 manufacturers, as well as highly skilled subcontracted labor to supplement your workforce as needed.