The Benefits of AV Labor Subcontracting: 3 Questions with Herman’s Chris Bianchet

As we dive headfirst into the new year, it looks to be a good one for the Pro AV industry. According to the Business Outlook for 2020 from Commercial Integrator and NSCA, “More than 90% of integrators suggest that the business climate is positive!” That is certainly good news, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t still challenges that integrators face daily.

One of the industry struggles that continues to rise to the surface is the growing need for skilled talent, as well as leveraging talent for a service model that is profitable for integrators and efficient for their clients.

In the Distribution and Labor Survey CI conducted at the end of last year, “About 54% of respondents said that ‘finding technicians with necessary technical skills’ was the biggest challenge when hiring an AV technician for their company.” The need for skilled labor is essential both for in-house hires and when integrators subcontract labor to expand their reach, capabilities and bandwidth to grow their business.

Chris Bianchet, President of Herman Integration Services, recently appeared on CI’s “3 Questions” series to talk about the benefits of subcontracting AV labor. As Chris points out, the benefits of subcontracting labor include scaling an integrator’s business and geographic reach. In addition, having a partnership with a subcontractor can be the key to a successful “day 2” support program.

Considering all the above, it is important for Pro AV Integrators to have a subcontractor plan. A good plan should include defining your standards, identifying those projects (existing customers and new business prospects) that can best be supported and or managed by a subcontractor, and searching for the right subcontracting partner to then meet your needs.

You can watch Chris’ full “3 Questions” interview with Commercial Integrator below, and you can find out more about Herman’s labor services at