Video Conferencing Solutions

Hybrid conference rooms need exceptional technology to capture the imagination of all those participating, whether they are in the office or joined remotely.  Everyone must be seen and heard for meetings to be both inclusive and encourage participation.  Make collaboration and communication easier with these featured Video Conferencing Solutions, the Sony BRAVIA 75” (FW-75BZ40H) display, the Logitech Rally Plus camera, and the AMX UVC14K.  Get the perfect solution for a spectacular conference room experience.

Logitech Rally Plus

Get an extraordinary conferencing experience with this video conference equipment and delight your customers and meeting participants.

Sony Bravia

Enjoy picture quality that feels deep, natural, and real.  The revolutionary processor uses human perspective analysis to cross-analyze and optimize hundreds of thousands of elements in the blink of an eye.


The UVC1-4K solves the issue of PCs that lack HDMI or other video inputs for importing content from video cameras, document cameras, DVD players, or other traditional video sources. Zoom and Teams Compatible