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The AV Industry’s Influence on the Superbowl  – From The Couch To The Bleachers

Let’s face it football fans, watching a game is almost always better at a bar than it is in person. Why? Because high-quality screens and AV equipment translate the speed, physicality and “crunch” of the game for the fans watching the broadcast in a way that is completely lost in person. 

And if you happen to be one of the many football fans traveling to Miami to root for your team from the nose-bleeds, you ought to thank a local AV Integrator for making that game much more tolerable to watch from the stands! 


For a majority of Americans, it’s a given—we make Superbowl watching plans based solely on which friend has the biggest TV and best sound system. Local sports bars must invest in HD screens, projectors, video walls and surround sound speakers to accommodate the standing-room-only crowds that plan to watch, listen and cheer every minute in unison. Ramping up your AV offering is a surefire way to benefit from the Superbowl, as well as sustain the business of sporting patrons throughout the year. 

Perhaps most tellingly of all, however, many stadiums across the NFL have recently upgraded their AV monitors to tremendous video displays that improve the in-seat, spectator experience (and to compete with the view from your couch). 

In fact, the AV industry’s influence in football can be measured well beyond the fan’s perspective. From the moment of kickoff, video of each team’s on-field strategies is edited and synced with tablets for the opposing team’s players to review on the sideline. Any valuable insights from this “electric playbook” are collected and then communicated from coach to quarterback using headphones that directly transmit to the player’s helmet. 

When something controversial occurs, like a late hit or facemask penalty, the viewers at home are the first to review the slow-motion replay. If the ruling on the field is “challenged” the refereeing team reviews the play on sideline monitors, captured from every angle possible, gathering the necessary data to make a determination on the ruling—and often influencing the outcome of the game.

More than any other technology, HD television has single-handedly changed the NFL and led to the adoption of many modern AV integrations. Even when the camera pans to fans sitting in box seats, we see their eyes directed more often at monitors than at the on-field action. But as AV has improved the game for every at-home fan, dynamic viewability has only improved the stadium watching experience too. And often the technical advances the AV industry makes to accommodate massive in-stadium installations eventually trickle down to local venues, and even schools and corporate board rooms.

The demands to deliver the robust, realistic, sports viewing experiences we’ve come to expect have helped to push AV innovation forward. To pull off this feat, these technologies demand constant testing and diagnostic coordination for each stadium’s AV team(s)—remember that as you watch the halftime show this year! And as we salute the teams and players of this year’s Superbowl, Herman IS would also like to salute the many AV professionals across the country who make enjoying the game—with friends and with strangers—a truly American pastime. 


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