What’s Your Favorite AV Product to Install?

We asked our experienced techs at Herman Integration Services about their favorite products to install, and why.

We all know that some installations are more complex than others, and some products by design can make an installation and the rest of the job just go smoother. With the growing popularity of larger and more capable displays, the right mount can make a mountain of difference, both for the installer and ultimately for the customer.

When it comes to mounts, our Field Engineer and Regional Supervisor out of Roswell Georgia, Scott “Clipboard” Straw, has one product he’s always eager to install – Chief Fusion mounts.

“Believe it or not, my heart skips a beat when I am asked to install Chief Fusion mounts. They are so easy to install, have a ridiculous amount of flexibility (those wall studs are NEVER where you want them), and afford a great deal of access in the service mode for making cable connections. The micro-adjustment feature ensures the display is truly level. Chief mounts come in a myriad of types and accessories to make any wall display functionally perfect and visually appealing.

Even though we install lots of high-tech, whiz-bang gear, this one foundational piece can make a huge difference in how well the installation goes.”

Whether it involves mounts, racks, cabling, or even programming, engineering, and Day-2 Service, Herman Integration Services has the techs and talent to assist you with the installation of any AV job nationwide. And you can easily and efficiently source your products through Herman ProAV.

That’s why we’re your trusted AV partner, ready to help you Achieve More.