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Engagement is the essence of mankind. In our #hybrid world, we are always looking for new opportunities to engage. #Hybridwork, entertainment, learning, medicine, get-togethers, and so much more We’ve transformed into a new, #hybrid generation: Gen H. Engaging is living life to the fullest. Kramer connects you to the Physi-Digi world Kramer. Infinite ways to engage.

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18G 4K Presentation Switcher/Scaler with HDBaseT & HDMI...

High–Performance Professional Scaler

VP−440X is a high−performance 18G 4K HDR presentation switcher/scaler with four HDMI inputs and one computer graphics (VGA) input. It scales the video, embeds the audio, and outputs the signal to two identical outputs – one HDMI and one HDBaseT – together with an analog stereo audio output. Via HDBaseT, it extends video signals to up to 40m (130ft) over CAT copper cables at up to 4K@60Hz (4:2:0) 24bpp video resolution and provides even further reach for lower HD video resolutions.
  • High–Performance Professional Scaler — Up–scales, down–scales and cross–scales up to resolutions of 4K@60 (4:4:4). The output resolution can be set to the native resolution either of the sinks, or manually set to another resolution. When the product is configured to scale to 18G 4K resolutions, the HDBT output automatically down–samples the chroma sampling to 4:2:0 coding.
  • Smooth Switching — Constant output sync, prevents output glitches while switching between inputs, even when no video is detected.
  • Flexible Digital and Analog Audio — Select a dedicated unbalanced analog audio input to embed into each input. In addition, a microphone input is provided on the front panel for mixing, switching or talk–over. Any of the signals can play audio through the unbalanced audio output.
  • Powerful Audio Processing — Supports DSP technology including audio equalization, mixing, delay, and microphone talk–over (ducking).
  • HDMI Signal Extension — HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4 compliant.
  • HDR — Supports HDR10.
  • EDID Pass–Through — EDID passed through from the source to the display.
  • CEC Support — Supports passing of CEC from input to output. Automatically sends CEC commands to shut down the output display after a timeout period when no input signal is found and to power up the display when the input returns.
  • Bidirectional RS–232 Extension — Serial interface data flows in both directions, on each extension line, enabling data transmission and control of devices.
  • Diverse Control Options — Control the unit using an OSD (On–Screen Display) via front panel buttons, embedded web pages via Ethernet and/or serial communication via RS–232 transmitted by a PC, touch screen system or other serial controller. Additionally, connect to the contact closure connector for remote switching of sources and for toggling the display ON and OFF.
  • Easy Installation — ½ 19” size enables mounting in a 1U rack space with the recommended rack adapter.
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Plenum Active Optical High–Speed Pluggable HDMI Cable

Innovative active optical HDMI cable for 4K signals up to 90 meters

CP−AOCH/60F cables are thinner, lighter, and more flexible than copper or even standard optical cables. They offer transparent EDID and HDCP support with no signal attenuation and reduced risk of EMI and RFI interference. CP−AOCH/60F cables are an ideal solution for maximizing signal integrity in critical AV installations.

  •  Video Resolution — Up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4).
  •  High Data Transfer Rate — Up to 18Gbps.
  •  Embedded Audio — PCM 8–channel, Dolby Digital True HD and DTS–HD Master Audio.
  •  HDMI Support — HDCP 2.2/1.4, HDR, EDID, ARC and CEC.
  •  High–Quality Connectors — 24K gold–plated, corrosion–resistant and best possible connectivity.
  •  Reduced EMI & RFI.
  •  Thin Construction — 4.5mm diameter.
  •  Jacket Construction — Plenum rated.
  •  RoHS 2011/65/EU CE,FCC Compliant.
  •  Varied Selection of Lengths — Available in versions from 10 to 90m (33 to 295ft).
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