Gefen WPHDMIRA Wall Plate for HDMI - Right Angle



Gefen Gefen

Connect Your HDMI Cable Directly to the Wall Plate
The HDMI™ Wallplate allows you to terminate an HDMI™ connector at the wall for in-wall installation. Right-angle orientation and provision for locking HDMI cables make this product installation-friendly.

The HDMI Wallplate is made to fit into a standard US wall mount hole, similar to an AC outlet or light switch. The practical design makes these wall plates an ideal solution for HDMI cable extensions for home or business location.
How It Works
This wall plate allows you to terminate HDMI cable behind a wall at a right angle to the wall plate, eliminating the need to bend the HDMI cable to fit the wall plate.

A built-in locking nut provides secure connections.


The locking feature requires an HDMI cable with a locking HDMI connector. Please see Optional Products at the left sidebar for information on these cables.


  • HDMI Input/Output Connector: type A 19 pin
  • Dimensions: 2.75"W x 4.5"H x 1.34" D
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