Lowell 5 POWERSTAC™ Modular Power Strips, 5in Module: DUPLEX (1) 20A Isolated Ground (NEMA 5-20R)

Herman # LOW5
MFR # 5


Lowell Lowell

Lowell 5

5" module: DUPLEX (1) 20A Isolated Ground (NEMA 5-20R) The POWERSTAC™ modular power system let’s you custom design a power strip to accommodate specific needs of almost any application. Blank modules allow room for future expansion. Save time in the field by ordering a ganging or enclosed rack with a pre-mounted POWERSTAC.†

Full Component Library:
J-boxes for internal or external rackmount, chassis lengths up to 75", single or multi-circuit power modules (15A, 20A, 30A, remote control and surge suppression options, new IEC outlets).

Field-Changeable Modules:
the patented rotating outlet design (US patent D535178S) allows individual power modules to be repositioned in the field without removing the entire power strip from the rack.

New Flexible-conduit Option:
6' non-metallic flexible conduit.

New “SIG” Option:
the default grounding scheme for configurations with isolated ground circuits is a common IG conductor. You can also order an independent conductor for each circuit by adding the “SIG” suffix to the end of the custom model number (additional charges apply). Note: there are limitations to the number of circuits that will fit into a single unit. When the “SIG” option is selected with the 6' flexible-conduit configuration, the default conduit size is 1.25".

Easy to Design:
three basic steps: select the components (chassis/J-box or chassis/flexible-conduit combination, individual power modules), create a custom part number, and indicate where the strip is to be mounted in the rack (additional worksheets are available, please contact us at (888) 736-6888).

1). Power Layout:
select chassis length and J-box (or 6' non-metallic flexible conduit) according to rack height and position of outlets. The J-box can be positioned inside or outside the rack.† Locate chassis/J-box or chassis/flexible-conduit I.D. (single character for 75", two characters for 60", three characters for 30") and record number in top box. Then select individual power modules (see pg. 56 for descriptions) and record module I.D. numbers in order desired, placing one character in each box as on shown (please see Spec Sheet).

2). Custom Part No.:
transfer module numbers (in order) to create the custom part number. Fill all boxes, adding blank modules to fill gaps. If the SIG option is desired, add “SIG” as a suffix outside the boxes.

3). Rackmount Position:
indicate rackmount position. If none is indicated, default postion will be used for positioning outlets.
Please see Spec Sheet
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