Altinex VA6803SX Compact Analog Switch With RGB

Herman # ALTVA6803SX
MFR # VA6803SX

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Altinex Altinex

Altinex VA6803SX

The VA6803SX and DA1926AV interfaces are designed to resolve incompatibility issues that occur when displaying a computer image on a large screen data projector or on a large screen monitor. Both are high-resolution computer video interfaces with stereo audio and are designed to allow the connections of VGA, SVGA, XGA, UXGA, MAC, SUN, SGI, and other analog computer video sources to scan-rate compatible monitors, projectors, and LCD displays.

These interfaces amplify video signals and convert various sync formats. They do not change the scan-rate or the resolution of the video signal. The computer and projector must be scan-rate compatible with each other. The VA6803SX and DA1926AV can equalize the attenuation effects of long cable runs, up to 300ft (91m), or more, depending upon the type of cable.

Each unit provides fully buffered main and local video outputs. The VA6803SX has one main output that is provided on 5 BNC connectors. The local video outputs are provided on a 15pin HD connector. If the input signal format is RGBS or RGBHV, the main output can be RGBHV, RGBS, or RGsB. If the input signal is RGsB, the output must be RGsB. The VA6803SX does not separate sync from green.

TheVA6803SX and DA1926AV each accept stereo audio inputs and offer a balanced stereo output as well as a local stereo output. The input and local output use 3.5mm jacks, while the main outputs are provided on 5pin terminal blocks for stereo audio transmission to the main sound system. The main output can be wired for balanced or unbalance audio.




Video Input

VGA: (1) 15-pin HD F

Video Signal: 1.2Vp-p max

Audio: (1) 3.5mm F

Video Impedance: 75ohms


Sync Input

Local Video: (1) 15-pin HD F

Sync Level: TTL (+/-)

Local Audio: (1) 3.5mm F

Sync Impedance: 10kohms

Main Video: (5) BNC F

Sync-on-Green: -0.3V

Main Audio: (1) 5-pin TB

Audio Input Signal


Impedance: 10kohms

DC Power jack: (1) 2.5mm F

Level: 0dBu max


Video Output

Signal Types: RGB, RGsB, RGBS, RGBHV, YPbPr

Gain: 0dB +/- 0.5dB

Video Signal Resolutions: VGA-UXGA, 480p-1080i

Impedance: 75ohms


Sync Output


Level: TTL (+/-)


Impedance: 22ohms


Sync-on-Green: -0.3V


Audio Output


Impedance: 50ohms


Gain: +0dB balanced, +6dB unbalanced


Response: 20Hz to 20kHz, +/- 0.5dB


Power Consumption


+9V, 400mA


Total Power: 3.6W max



Width: 5.2in (132mm)


Height: 4.3in (109mm)

Power Adapter: +9VDC, 1.1A

Depth: 1.1in (28mm)

Hardware: 5-pin terminal block mating connector

Weight: 0.7lb (0.3kg)


Ship Weight (approx): 1.5lb (0.7kg)

MS6418VB: Patch Cable (18") 15pin HD Male to 5BNC Male

Material: Aluminum

MB1001: "L" Shaped Mini-Brackets

Color: ALTINEX Grey


T° Operating: 10° to 35 °C


T° Maximum: 50 °C


Humidity: 90% non-condensing


MTBF (calc.): 40,000 hrs



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