Brady M211250427 Mobile Printer Labels

Herman # BRAM211250427
MFR # M21-1250-427


Brady Brady

Brady M21-1250-427

Self-Laminating labels for the BMP™21 Mobile Printer. Black ribbon on white/translucent tape.
  • Special properties are abrasion resistant, excellent abrasion and smudge resistance, excellent water and oil resistance, good moisture resistance, self-extinguishing, self-laminating
  • Agency approvals compliance is UL recognized
  • Used for communications cables, panel identification, voice-data identification, wire and cable marking
  • B-427 Self-laminating vinyl is an excellent material for wire and cable identification
  • This material has good clarity, conformability
Application(s): Communications Cables, Panel Identification, Voice/Data Identification, Wire & Cable Marking
Agency Approval(s)/Compliance: UL Recognized
Size: 1.25" W x 14' H (31.75 mm W x 4.27 m H)
Range of Wire Diameter: 0.270" max (7.00 mm max)
Printable Area: 14' W x 0.500" H (4.27 m H x 12.700 mm W)
Label Type/Style: Self-Laminating Label
Color: Black on White/Translucent
Wire Gauge: 10 to 4
Finish: Matte
Material Type: Vinyl
Material Description: Self-Laminating Vinyl
Brady Material #: B-427
Safety Catalog: pg. 114
Printer Compatibility: BMP21
Surface: Smooth, Textured/Rough
Special Properties: Abrasion resistant, Excellent abrasion and smudge resistance, Excellent water & oil resistance, Good moisture resistance, Self-Extinguishing, Self-Laminating
QTY/UOM: 1/Roll
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