Caddy 2BRT20 Bridle Ring 1-1/4in

Herman # CAD2BRT20
MFR # 2BRT20


Caddy Caddy

Caddy 2BRT20


  • When combined with other CADDY® Fasteners, Bridle Rings can be located on:
  • “C” Purlins – VF144TI.
  • “Z” Purlins – 1224TI or AF144TI
  • Acoustical T-Grid – ATS4I or ATA4I
  • Beam Flanges up to 3/4" – 2FMP28, BC, BC200, M912
  • Concrete – 4TIB
  • Drop Wire – 4Z34 - 6Z34


  • Bridle Rings not recommended for high performance cables, see CADDY® CABLECAT series.

Product Specifications

Bridle ring 1-1/4” dia. 10-24 threaded
Standard Packaging Quantity 100
Stock Diameter 10-24 threaded
Ultimate Static Load (lbs) 50 lbs
Part NumberPack QtyPriceQty.



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