Powersoft 2-Channel High-Performance Amplifier Platform with DSP and Dante

MFR # Duecanali 1604 DSP+DANTE


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Powersoft Duecanali 1604 DSP+DANTE

Excellent sound quality and ample output power result from Powersoft’s unique approach to Class D amplification, making the Duecanali DSP+D Series ideal for the main system in any venue where performance   is priority.
Providing access to all relevant amplifier parameter yet easily set up, the Duecanali DSP+D Series is versatile  in use, providing status feedback via its front panel LED display or a connected PC running Armonía Pro Audio Suite™ software.
Powersoft’s legendary efficiency saves valuable energy, keeping both operational cost and carbon footprint at a minimum: the Duecanali DSP+D Series shines with outstandingly low power consumption and heat dissipation,  with direct positive effects on investment – not to mention the benefits for the environment and a more eco-friendly planet.
A fully integrated state-of-the-art DSP yields extensive system management functionality. In addition to sound  shaping and limiter functions in unique Powersoft  style, the DSP  hardware and Armonía Pro Audio  Suite™ software enable compliance with IEC 60849 for the crucial requirements of sound systems for emergency  purposes.
The Duecanali DSP+D is designed to work with lo-Z (from 2 ohm) and with 70V/100V distributed lines: any mixed configuration of low and high impedance output loads can be realized, making the Duecanali DSP+D suitable for all application in installed sound reinforcement systems.
DSP+D versions of the Duecanali series extends system performance with the support of Dante™ digital audio
networking architecture and the on board high-end signal processing.
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