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MSolutions MS104B and DC Resistance

The MS-TestPro is the only HDBaseT tester that is all-inclusive, 100% reliable, portable and affordable, making it an indispensable tool for all installers and integrators. It provides AV professionals with all the information that they need while in the field to enable them to verify the integrity and stability of every system tested down to the last detail. Moreover, the MS-TestPro generates a report including all the parameters necessary to certify link quality and status up to 4K Ultra High Definition. The report can then be transferred to a computer or even to a smartphone for use by both installer and end-user.
Why do I need this?
  • MS-TestPro provides you with superpowered "X-ray vision", allowing you to quickly and clearly see and understand what is in the "black box" of the HDBaseT link.
  • The MS-TestPro is an indispensable tool for every installer, since it is the only HDBaseT tester that is all-inclusive, 100% reliable, portable and affordable.
  • Reducing maintenance and repairing time. Using the MS-Test pro ensures one-time reliable installations - 100% of the time.
  • The MS-TestPro provides AV installers and integrators with all the information about their HDBaseT link that they need while in the field.
  • The MS-TestPro DC resistance testing function is vital for ensuring the quality of HDBaseT installations. While devices in HDBaseT systems can tolerate some DC resistance unbalance, too much unbalance is liable to result in the saturation of the output/input stage (transformer), distorting the waveform of HDBaseT data signals, causing bit errors, retransmits and disfunction of data links.
  • New and improved DC resistance testing capabilities of the MS-TestPro make it an indispensable tool in guaranteeing the meeting of all IEEE DC resistance standards.
Benefit – Values
  • The MS-TestPro is 100% reliable. It gives installers and integrators around the world the power to insure quality installations for their clients, with every single use.
  • With its built-in monitoring, logging, and diagnostics capabilities, the MS-TestPro enables installers and integrators to analyze HDBaseT link quality effortlessly and on-the-spot.
  • The MS-TestPro generates a report in 10 seconds or less, that includes all necessary parameters to certify link quality and status. The report can be then transferred to a computer or even to a smartphone for use by both installer and end-user.
  • Simplifies installation of any HDBaseT network, including 4K.
  • MS-TestPro provides installers and their customers with peace of mind as to the quality and integrity of their HDBaseT links.
  • The MS-TestPro is all-inclusive, comprehensive and efficient. It is effectively a complete HDBaseT laboratory wrapped up in one small, mobile unit that enables every installer to do start-to-end analysis of entire HDBaseT systems in the field and to certify the results for the use of both installers and end-users.
Features – What it can do
  • Effortless and immediate testing of HDBaseT links.
  • The MS-TestPro can analyze link quality of any vendor that uses HDBaseT technology and is completely compatible with new AV technologies and complex infrastructures.
  • The HDBaseT Report Generator can generate a certification report detailing the quality and performance of each cable installed, in both new installations and existing infrastructure.
  • Detects HDBaseT link sensitivities and certifies the readiness of an HDBaseT infrastructure for 4K content streaming quality, which is more sensitive to errors.
  • Enables HDBaseT firmware and port upgrades via link. That means  NO more climbing on ladders to get to unreachable connection boxes!
  • The MS-TestPro is the ONLY TESTER IN THE WORLD that can check and validate the retransmission functions of HDBaseT Spec. 2.0!
  • Built in HDMI pattern generator.
  • EDID reader
  • The MS-TestPro is one of the only HDBaseT testers in the world that has been recognized by Belden for 2183 cable certification that is needed to acquire their 25 year cable warranty.
  • The MS-TestPro can confirm the readiness of an HDBaseT infrastructure for 4K – producing a certification report in less than 10 seconds – with the push of a button.
  • The MS-TestPro analyzes features of both source and sink devices, monitors configurations and provides a downloadable diagnostic log.
  • Supports HDBaseT Tx, Rx, and PoH (Power over HDBaseT) functionality, providing a highly-efficient testing platform for HDBaseT devices and up to 100 meters of CAT5e, or higher quality, cable.
  • Link monitoring of the performance and quality of the HDBaseT link
  •     Up Link
  •     Down link
  • HDBaseT Firmware downloads to any 3rd party devices via HDBaseT link
  • Built in HDMI Pattern Generator
  • Generates report including all the parameters necessary to certify link quality and status for any cable
  • Belden 2183 cable Profile certification
  • Main unit accommodates removable and exchangeable (Tx & Rx modules)
  • Supports PoE (can work in front of any Rx & Tx)
  • Creates 24 hours log files – Generates installation quality report
  • Browser-based control interface on any external device (Android, iOS, Mac, PC) via Wi-Fi connection
  • Link diagnostics capabilities that allow for quick and accurate configuration analysis and interoperability troubleshooting of all your HDBaseT links
  • Monitoring configuration of local or remote side
  • The MS-TestPro is the ONLY tester in the world capable of testing HDBaseT spec. 2.0! HDBaseT spec. 2.0 modules available now!
  • DC Resistance
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