Duracell PC1604 Procell 9V Alkaline Battery

Herman # DURPC1604


Duracell Duracell

Duracell ALK-9V-DURPRO

Procell 9V Alkaline Battery 1 Pack The #1 rated batteries by AV and broadcast professionals. ProCell batteries can last up to seven years. These batteries can operate in temperatures of —20°C~54°C. They can last up to ten times longer than super heavy duty zinc carbon batteries in power demanding applications.


  • Dependable
  • Long lasting power with up to a 7-year freshness guarantee.
  • ProCell batteries operate reliably in temperatures of -4 to 129 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In addition, they are date coded to guarantee freshness.
Voltage 9.0
Max. Length .689"
Max. Width 1.043"
Max. Height 1.909"
Average Weight 1.62 oz. (45.9g)
Max. Volume 1.39 in.3 (22.8cm3)
Terminals Miniature Snap
Operating Temperature Range -4°F to 130°F (-20°C to 54°C)
Primary Usage Infustion Pumps, Wireless Microphones, Smoke Alarms, Radios
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