Furman PLUGLOCKPFP Circuit-Breaker Protected Locking Outlet


This item has been replaced by PlugLock.

Furman Furman


The PLUGLOCK-PFP circuit-breaker protected locking outlet strip provides enough wall wart spacing for five bulky transformers and can be safely mounted out of sight, in the rear of your rack.

Secure clamping design "locks" your transformers and conventional plugs in place, ensuring you never get disconnected from your power source. Adjustable clamps accommodate transformers and plugs from 0.4" to 2.1" above outlet.

The sturdy, all steel construction and heavy-duty 5 foot (14 AWG) three conductor cord provide ultimate durability and longevity.

  • Wall Wart Spacing for Bulky Transformers
  • Clamps Securely Lock Wall Warts in Place
  • Clamps Secure Regular Plugs As Well
  • Mounts Safely Out of Sight in Rear of Rack
  • Heavy Duty 5 Foot, 14 AWG Cord
  • Circuit-breaker Protected
  • Rated 15 Amps
  • All Steel Construction
Current Rating: 15 Amps
Dimensions: 12.6” H x 2.3” W x 2.5” D.
Mounting Hole Spacing: 11.6 ”
Weight: 2.125 lbs.
Construction: Sturdy, Steel Construction

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