Belden FS1BNC25 Mini RG59 RGB Compression BNC Connector

Herman # BELFS1BNC25


Belden Belden

Belden FS1BNC-25

Use the FS1BNC BNC connectors to terminate 24 to 26 gauge solid RG59 coaxial cables! The FS1BNCU offers a full 360 degree compression crimp that will give your termination the maximum protection they need for long lasting terminations.

  • Includes: (1) FS1BNC Mini RG59 Coaxial Cable BNC Connector
  • For 24 to 26 gauge RGB Mini RG59 coaxial cable terminations
  • F-Conn connectors provide full 360 compression crimp
  • 75 Ohm Construction
  • The FS1BNC radial design reduces the possibility of an impedance problem and can defeat ingress/egress at the connector
  • Cable Pullout Force Exceeding 65 lbs
  • Does not require soldering
  • Part#: FS1BNC
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