RDL STLCR1 Logic Controlled Relay

Herman # RDLSTLCR1




The ST‑LCR1 provides double‑pole, double‑throw dry switching contacts and LED indicator for relay closure. The ST‑LCR1 provides momentary operation and is ideally suited where additional switching contacts are needed to be added to nearly any type of control signal.
  • Add Contacts to Any Control Signal
  • Activation from Logic Circuits
  • DPDT Switching Relay
  • Open‑Collector Switching
  • Control from Switch, Button or Logic Circuits

Control Inputs:

SLAVE terminal used as an input from remote push‑button or switch turns on relay when that switch is on. Activation is by connecting this input to Ground. Input from other equipment’s open‑collector output turns relay on when open‑collector is on.
Note: RDL switching STICK‑ONs have open‑collector outputs suitable for driving an ST‑LCR1.
5V+ accepts 3.5 to 12 Vdc to turn on relay. Relay is on only when this control signal is applied.
24V+ accepts 12 to 35 Vdc to turn on relay. Relay is on only when this control signal is applied.

Control Output:

SLAVE terminal open‑collector @ 25 mA suitable to drive indicators or slave LCRs

Switching Contacts:

Double‑pole, double‑throw

Maximum Switching Power:

60 W (220 Vdc, 125 Vac, 2 A)

Power Requirement:

GROUND‑REFERENCED, 24 to 33 Vdc @ 50 mA *
* Assumes 20 mA max load at SLAVE output

Ambient Operating Environment:

‑10° C to 55° C

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