Xantech 29110DBKIT Standard Designer Hidden Link IR Kit

Herman # XAN29110DBKIT
MFR # 29110DBKIT

This item has been replaced by HL85K Hidden Linkā„¢ Shelf Top Plasma\LCD\LED\CFL Friendly IR Receiver.

Xantech Xantech

Xantech 29110DBKIT

The Hidden Link IR receiver is a small shelf-top infrared repeater assembly. It includes an IR receiver and a CB12 connecting block. The Hidden Link IR receiver is equipped with a 7-foot cable and a 3.5mm stereo mini plug, which is plugged directly into the IR RCVR jack on the CB12. It can also be plugged into the AUX or IR RCVR jack of other Xantech connecting blocks, such as the models 789-44, CB60, and 791-44. The Hidden Link IR receiver is primarily intended for use in installations where the connecting block is within reach of its 7-foot cable, as when installing the Hidden Link IR receiver in a cabinet where the controlled equipment is behind closed doors.
  • IR range extension solution
  • Includes the Xantech 29110D Designer Hidden Link IR receiver, ideal for placement on shelf tops
  • Includes 4 Xantech 283D emitters
  • Includes the Xantech 78944 connecting block
  • Includes the Xantech 781ERGPS power supply

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