Xantech CBCSM1 CSM Current Sensor Connecting Block

Herman # XANCBCSM1

This item has been discontinued.

Xantech Xantech

Xantech CBCSM1

The CBCSM1, used in conjunction with the CSM1 Current Sense Module (sold separately), will sense the AC Power State of a component and pass a control voltage to another components Control Input or voltage controlled device. This allows the CSM1 to operate as a general purpose current sensor instead of being used exclusively with an MRC44 or MRC88 Controller. The CBCSM1 will provide Positive or Negative logic on its Pull UP or Pull DOWN terminal connections.

NOTE: Requires CSM1 Current Sense Module and 781RG Power Supply both sold separately.
CSM Input: Interfaces with the 3.5mm Stereo Mini plug of the CSM1 Current Sense Module. The CSM1 detects the Power State of the component and passes a ‘sense’ voltage to the CBCSM1 Connecting Block.

PULL UP: This output will pass a 12vDC voltage whenever the CSM1 detects a power ON state (Green threshold LED ON). When the CSM1 detects a power OFF state (Green threshold LED OFF), the PULL UP terminal will be switched to GND (0v).

PULL DOWN: This output will be directly opposite of the PULL UP terminal. The PULL DOWN terminal is switched to GND (0v) whenever the CSM1 detects a power ON state and will pass 12vDC whenever the CSM1 detects a power OFF state.

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