Xantech SLLC1 Speaker Level to Line Level Converter

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Xantech SLLC1

The SLLC1 Speaker Level to Line Level Converter is a simple device that allows the MRC44CTL or MRAUDIO4X4CTL to be used with an auxiliary amplifier. The SLLC1 is connected to the amplifier (zone audio) output on the multi-room system. The SLLC1 then converts the amplifier output signal to a line-level output signal. The line-level output signal can now be connected to the pre-amplifier input on an auxiliary amplifier. The benefit of using an auxiliary amplifier is that it allows the multi-room system to expand in areas such as indoor pools, large outdoor areas, or even long hallways.
  • Mounting flanges. No double sided tape needed.
  • 1:11 signal amplitude conversion ratio.
  • The SLLC1 is designed to take a 25 Watt system and convert the speaker output to a typical line level signal.
  • The SLLC1 should not be connected to a speaker output that can provide greater than 35 Watts per channel output.
  • 4-Pin screw terminal connector. Use 3 feet of speaker wire, size 12AWG or 14AWG
  • Requires stereo RCA cables. For optimal performance, cable should not exceed 6 feet.
  • No power supply required.
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