Belden FS59BNCPL2 Plenum, FS Series Connector, BNC Compression, RG59 Type 2

Herman # BELFS59BNCPL2

This item has been replaced by BNC Connector for Plenum, RG59.

Belden Belden

Belden FS59BNCPL2

The FS59BNCPL2 is designed to terminate plenum rated RG59 coaxial cables used in CCTV camera installations. The FS59BNCPL2 is engineered to fit perfectly on plenum rated RG59 coaxial cables that are often specified by local building codes. Plenum rated cables have become more common today in installations where the cables are ran in the open air-flow system of a building. The CMP or plenum rated cables have specially treated cable jackets that support slow burn while stopping harmful fumes from entering the air flow system of a building.
The FS59BNCPL2 provides a full 360 degree compression crimp that is the best for protecting your terminations from any environmental conditions that could threaten their performance. The FS59BNCPL2 also features a no-blind entry system that allows you to insert the cable correctly into the connector prior to terminating it. This system guarantees high quality BNC terminations every time!
  • Coax Sizing (inches) Min  ~  Max
  • Center  .0317 ~ .0339
  • Dielectric  .130~.137
  • Outer Jacket  .190 ~ .220
  • Coax Sizing (mm) Min  ~  Max
  • Center .81~.86
  • Dielectric  3.30 ~3.48
  • Outer Jacket  4.83 ~ 5.59
  • 75 Ohm Construction
  • DC-1 GHz > 27 dB Return Loss < 1.10 VSWR
  • DC-2 GHz > 23 dB Return Loss < 1.16 VSWR
  • DC-3 GHz > 22 dB Return Loss < 1.18 VSWR
  • Cable Pullout Force Exceeding 65 in/lbs.
  • Body Material Brass
  • Body Material (Plating) Nickel

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