Switchcraft 152B 3 Conductor Double Open Circuit with 1/4in Jack

Herman # SWI152B
MFR # 152B


Switchcraft Switchcraft

Switchcraft 152B

Thick Panel Phone Jacks are standard 2- and 3-conductor phone jacks with extra long threaded bushing for mounting in panels/chassis up to 1.25 inches thick. Metal bushing virtually eliminates hum pick-up, and is ideal for electric guitar and speaker connections. Jacks mate with standard commercial phone plugs. See plug section for mating plugs. Jacks mount in a single .469 inch diameter hole. Rugged cable clamp protects connections from twisting and pulling stresses.
  • Mounting Bushing: Nickel-plated copper alloy with knurled flange.
  • Insulating Spacer: Rigid plastic.
  • Insulator/Spring Mount: Thermoplastic.
  • Springs: Copper alloy.
  • Terminals: Tip: Copper alloy.
  • Ring: (Number 152B only) copper alloy.
  • Sleeve: Steel, tin-plated.
  • Hardware: Supplied with one, Number P10531 nickel-plated, copper alloy hex nut, and one, Number P1476 nickel-plated copper alloy flat washer.
Product Weight: .25 lbs.
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