Wiremold AC8105 Raised Floor Box

Herman # WMDAC8105
MFR # AC8105


Wiremold Wiremold

Wiremold AC8105

The AC8850 and AC8105 are boxes with a 5" [127mm] depth design, with the AC8105 providing an extra 2" [51mm] of width for additional wiring capacity. These boxes can accommodate four duplex power receptacles on one side. The communication plate will accept at least three communication bezels for up to 18 ports of activation.
The Walker Floor Source Series from Wiremold / Legrand offers a large selection of raised floor boxes to meet most user's needs. FloorSource Raised Floor Boxes from Wiremold/ Legrand provide functionality, flexibility, accessibility, and capacity when it comes to raised floor box applications. They have many applications, some of which are PBX rooms, MIS processing rooms, university computer labs, and financial institutions. Wiremold / Legrand provides four unique styles of boxes plus an innovative round box which allow users a wide variety of power and communication configurations. FloorSource Raised Floor Boxes are also compatible with the Walkerflex® Manufactured Wiring System.
  • Description AC8850 Dimension AC8105 Dimension
  • Overall Trim Ring 9 1/4" x 9 1/4" [235mm x 235mm] 9 1/4" x 11 1/4" [235mm x 286mm]
  • Module Depth Overall 5" [127mm] 5" [127mm]
  • Panel Opening 8" x 8" [203mm x 203mm] 8" x 10" [203mm x 254mm]
  • Cover Size 7 11/16" x 7 11/16" [195mm x 195mm] 7 11/16" x 9 11/16" [195mm x 246mm]
  • Activation Chamber Volume 97.22 cu in. [1593 cu cm] 111.08 cu in. [1820 cu cm]
  • User Volume 102.22 cu in. [1674 cu cm] 151.97 cu in. [2490 cu cm]
  • Total Volume 199.22 cu in. [3264 cu cm] 262.97 cu in. [4309 cu cm]
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