Altinex MX2106AVPACK 2-In, 2-Out VGA with Remote Switcher

Herman # ALTMX2106AVPACK

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Altinex Altinex

Altinex MX2106AV-PACK

The MX2106AV is a 2-In, 1-Out VGA Auto + Audio Switcher with 1x2 DA. The MX2106AV automatically switches upon signal detection, but may also be controlled manually using the RC5208CC (included). The MX2106AV is designed to switch computer video signals and stereo audio. The unit is encased in a solid metal enclosure and ships with an external, 9V 1.1A power adapter.

Override switching is made through the INPUT SELECT/RS-232 input. Manual override switching is made via a contact closure on the INPUT SELECT jack. This switch may be used for manual control, or the contact closure may be controlled from a control system. RS-232 control is accomplished by sending ASCII commands to select either Input 1 or Input 2.

  • Automatic switching capability
  • VGA through QXGA signal format
  • HDTV/Component compatible video channels
  • 3.5mm input/output
  • 1x2 DA or local monitor output
  • Manual switch override (RC5208CC)
  • RS-232 input selection
  • Diagram label for easy installation
  • Plug and Play compatible
  • 9V power adapter included




Video Input

Video: (2) 15pin HD female

Video Signal: 1.5V p-p max

Audio: (2) 3.5mm female

Video Impedance: 75ohms

Control: (1) 3.5mm female

SYNC Signal: TTL (+/-)

Power: (1) 2.5mm jack

SYNC Impedance: 10kohms


Audio Input Signal

Video: (2) 15pin HD female

Impedance: 10kohms

Audio: (2) 3.5mm female

Level: 0dBU


Video Output Signals

Signal Types: RGB, RGsB, RGBS, RGBHV, YPbPr

Video Gain: 0 +/- 0.5dB

Video Resolutions: Up to QXGA, Up to 1080p

Video Impedance: 75ohms

Audio: Stereo

Sync Signal: TTL (+/-)


Coupling: DC


Audio Output Signals


Impedance: 75ohms


Gain: 0 +/- 0.5dB




External Power Adapter: 9VDC


Power Consumption: 250mA (2.2W)



Material: Aluminum


Finish: Silver

1x Power adapter, +9VDC, 1.1A

Height: 1.0in (25mm)

RC5208CC: Manual Control Switch

Width: 4.4in (112mm)


Length: 4.5in (114mm)


Weight: 0.8lbs (0.4kg)


Ship Weight: 1.4lbs (0.6kg)


T° Operating: 10°C-35°C


T° Maximum: 50°C


Humidity: 90° non-condensing


MTBF (calculations) 40,000 hrs (min.)


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