Canare FPC4F F-Connector Crimp Type

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Canare Canare

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Canare FP-C4F

Canares true 75-ohm F connectors offer high performance impedance matched characteristics and specifications to meet the growing demands of advanced Digital Broadband equipment. The world&apos:s first precision, highly reliable 75-ohm F connector, they offer excellent return loss characteristics and can easily handle future "Smart House" RF broadband multimedia networks to 1GHz and beyond. Will alsomate with SCTE approved standard F receptables. Great for Digital Broadband, Satellite Systems, RF Equipment, Cable Modems, Headends. 
  • True 75-ohm construction:Crimp Pin & Sleeve.
  • Gold Plated Contact Pin "Snap Locks" into place, preventing pin migration. (most F connectors on the market utilize a coaxial cable&apos:s solid inner conductor as the plugs centercontact pin. This can cause many problems!)
  • Use with Solid OR Stranded Center 75-ohm Coax.
  • Superior cable pull strength.
  • Gold plated crimp pin and extra long crimp sleeve.
  • Quick install with the same Canare tools as their 75-ohm BNC or RCA connectors.
  • For use with Canare L-4CFB, V-4CFB, Belden 1505A, 8241F, 8212, 9167, 9259, 9659, 1506A, Commscope 2000, 5553, 5565, 5572, 556510, 2065V.
  • Crimp Tool - CANTC1, Crimp Die Set - CANTCD451CA
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