Belden FS11PL Plenum RG11 F-Type Connector

Herman # BELFS11PL

This item has been replaced by ProSNS RG11 PLENUM F W/.

Belden Belden

Belden FS11PL

Available in F, RCA, BNC, right angles available in 6, 59, mini coax and plenum, gold or nickel finish. Patented 360º compression rings on all connectors provide TRUE 360-degree compression on the cable. Radial design and patented internal compression ring system reduce ingress/egress at the connector. Get a quality signal with a permanent connection, eliminating future trouble spots because of poor connection quality. All-brass compression connectors withstand 80 pounds of pull out force so you know your connection is solid. Patented non-blind entry allows installers to see the wire entering the pin at the base of the connector before compression, ensuring a solid, secure connection every time. No guesswork involved.

  • 75 Ohm Construction
  • DC-1 GHz > 33 dB Return Loss < 1.04 VSWR
  • DC-2 GHz > 33 dB Return Loss < 1.04 VSWR
  • DC-3 GHz > 28 dB Return Loss < 1.08 VSWR
  • Cable Pullout Force Exceeding 65 in/lbs.
  • Body Material Brass
  • Body Material (Plating) Nickel

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