Belden FS11RA RG11 Right Angle F-Type Connector

Herman # BELFS11RA

This item has been replaced by ProSNS RG11 UNIV RIGHT ANGLE.

Belden Belden

Belden FS11RA

For professional installers seeking a solution for RG11 cable terminations, we provides our unique, trouble-free F-Conn FS11 compression connectors. The one-piece FS11 connectors are available in F, BNC, right angle, and plenum cable sizes. These universal 60% through quad-shield connectors deliver flawless analog and digital RF communications.

Utilizing our signature 360° compression technology and the BELCPLCCTSS59/11 Linear Compliant Compression tool installers can create quality, dependable installations each and every time. The internal compression ring and TRUE 360° compression technology used to seal the connector around the cable jacket prevents moisture migration. Therefore, enhancing the electrical and mechanical performance of the connector. The FS11 connectors are also specially designed with 30% more threads than typical RF connectors to allow for a more secure, weather-tight termination and increased pull-out strength.

  • One-Piece Compression Connector
  • RG11 Pin Type Connectors are Available in BNC, Standard F-Typle, F-Type for Plenum Cable, and F-Type In Right Angle
  • TRUE 360° Compression Technology
  • Universal 7/16" Nut Eliminates Extra Tools
  • 30% More Threads Create a Secure, Weather-Tight Termination and Increased Pull-Out Strength

Uses Tool BELCPLCCTSS59/11

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