3M FP301 3/8 Electronic Specialty Heat Shrinking Tube

MFR # FP-301-3/8-BLACK-4FT-BOX

This item has been replaced by 3M(TM) Heat Shrink Thin-Wall Tubing.

3M 3M

3M FP-301-3/8-BLACK-4FT-BOX

3M™ Heat Shrink Tubing FP-301 offers an outstanding balance of electrical, physical and chemical properties for a wide variety of industrial and military applications. Rated for 135°C continuous operation, all FP-301 tubing is split resistant, mechanically tough, easily marked and resists cold flow. FP-301 tubing is rated for continuous operation at -55°C (-67°F) to 135°C (275°F), and is designed to withstand elevated temperatures to 300°C (572°F) for short periods. Minimum shrink temperature for all FP-301 tubing is 100°C (212°F).
Physical Property Typical Value US units (metric)
Tensile Strength 2400 psi
Ultimate Elongation 400%
Longitudinal Change ±5%
Secant Modulus (2%) 13,000 psi
Specific Gravity 1.3 (Opaque)   0.93 (Clear)
Operating Temperature -67° to 275°F (-55° to +135°C)
Shrink Temperature (minimum) 212°F (100°C)
Heat Aging (336 hrs. @ 175° C) Elongation 175%
Heat shock (4 hrs. @ 250° C) No dripping, flowing, cracking,passes mandrel wrap test
Low Temperature Flexibility (4 hrs @ -55° C)  No cracking
Scant Modules (2%) 13,000 psi
Self-extinguish, Meets UL 224 All-Tubing
Flame Test (Except Clear)
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