Switchcraft 35585X 2-Conductor Shielded RCA Straight Plug

Herman # SWI35585X
MFR # 35585X


Switchcraft Switchcraft

Switchcraft 35585X

Switchcraft’s straight RCA plugs (3502A) features an easy-to-assemble three piece construction: a handle, insulator and plug assembly. The plug features a solid-pin design and large solder terminals that make termination faster and easier. The larger cable clamp and handle will accommodate a variety of cable sizes. Available in nickel or gold-plated plug bodies with nickel or black finish handles, this new RCA plug will save time and space in any application.

2 conductor shielded RCA straight plug, cable up to 0.203" (5.16mm) diameter, terminals crimped or soldered. White plastic handle

Contact Resistance (typical *D.O.M.J.):< 0.020 ohms.

Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 500V AC (minimum).

Insulation Resistance @ 500V DC: 2,000 megohms (minimum).

Insulation Resistance (after MIL-STD-202 Salt Spray): 1,000 megohms (minimum).

Working Voltage: 250V AC, 140V DC.

Current Carry @ Working Voltage
(typical *D.O.M.J.): 6.0 AMPS.

Insert/Withdrawal Force: *D.O.M.J..

Temperature Range: -40° to + 85° Centigrade.

U.L. Component Recognition File No.: E118169.

Life: *D.O.M.J..

Maximum Cable Size: .285 inch diameter.

*D.O.M.J. ­ Dependent On Mating Jack


Pin: Copper alloy; nickel-plated or gold-plated.

Sleeve: Copper alloy; nickel-plated or gold-plated.

Handle: Copper alloy; nickel-plated or black epoxy finished.

Cable Clamp: C.R.S., electrotin-plated.

Insulator: Rigid plastic.

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