Altinex TBL100 Table Buddy Modular Table Edge Dual Clamp Box

Herman # ALTTBL100
MFR # TBL100


Altinex Altinex

Altinex TBL100

Designed for temporary or permanent attachment to a table in a presentation system, the Table Buddy Interconnect Box provides convenient access to multimedia input connections. It also allows for orderly cable management, passing signals from the back of the table, around the edge, and underneath it. The TBL100 is completely configurable with a variety of available connection plates to populate the unit’s front face.

Using integrated hand-tightened clamps, the Table Buddy attaches cleanly to the edge of a presentation table or desk up to 1.5" (38mm) thick, providing functional convenience for a variety of connections. For permanent installation, the clamps can be removed and the Table Buddy can be permanently attached to the tabletop using wood screws.

The connector side of the Table Buddy can handle up to six (6) ALTINEX Sectional Plates, allowing for diverse input configurations. Assorted plates include combinations of audio, video, computer, and AC power connectors. These sectional plates are easy to install in the field, or can be custom pre-configured at ALTINEX to arrive in a ready-to-go unit. Alternatively, you may order a blank plate and custom punch it for the precise panel-mount connector configuration your application requires.

The Table Buddy is offered in a standard black anodized finish. See Sectional Plates for information on all plates that must be ordered separately.



Accessories Included: Miscellaneous Mounting hardware


Factory configured to customer specifications.


Order TBL100, plates, and connectors sold seperately.


Interconnect box is delivered assembled and pre-terminated
Power Rating (pass-through power): 110 VAC, 5 A max. Varies with configuration.



   3 year warranty
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