RDL DRC2 Remote Audio Mixing Control

Herman # RDLDSRC2




The D‑RC type remote audio mixing controls provide user‑accessible volume knobs for two or three sources. Each control is available with level controls only, or with level controls plus a muting button for each channel. They function exactly as a mixer without the need to send audio to and from the remote location. A rear‑panel RJ45 jack provides the connection for standard twisted‑pair wiring between the remote control and an RDL remote‑controlled mixer. The cable sends the knob position and muting status data to the mixer. All audio signals remain local to the mixer which uses VCA technology to set the mixer levels. A long life 10 kΩ potentiometer is used in the control for setting the VCA voltage. Muting models provide a MUTE button for each mixer channel that alternately mutes or un‑mutes the audio. An LED MUTE indicator glows red when the signal is muted and turns green when the audio channel is active. Each model is offered in a standard RDL white front panel or in stainless steel with custom lettering available. These finishes match other RDL remote selectors and jack plates for a visually appealing installation of multiple controls.

  • Two Channel Remote Audio Mixing Control Panel
  • Single‑Turn Rotary Controls
  • Single Control Location
  • Available in RDL White/Gray or Stainless Steel
  • Direct Control of RDL Mixers with an RJ45 Remote Control Port
  • Standard Twisted‑Pair Interconnection to Mixer


RDL remote controlled mixers (light blue color‑coded control jack)

Control connector:



Mounts in standard US electrical box; cover plate available separately


Height: 4.1 in. 10.4 cm;
Depth: 1.44 in. 3.7 cm (without knob);
Depth: 2 in. 5 cm (with knob);
Width: 1.7 in. 4.33 cm

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